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Ultrasonic bath «UltraEst-М» for pre-sterilizing cleaning and disinfection of MIDDLE and SMALL medical instruments at medical-and-prophylactic institutions, including dentistry and cosmetology fields.


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Ultrasonic bath in a metal case with a mechanical timer for cleaning and disinfecting small and medium-sized instruments. Pre-sterilizing cleaning and disinfection is carried out at correspondent disinfection solution under the influence of ultrasound.

  • Bath volume — 1.6 L
  • Volume of working solution — 1.2 L / 100 ml
  • Mechanical timer – from 1 to 15 min


Recommended means and disinfection regimes:

  • — Favosept-concentrate ( «Favodent Karl Huber» Gmbh, Germany);
  • — Deconex 50 FF ( «Borer Chemie AG», Switzerland).



Delivery sets

Set "UltraEst-M" (GE183-UM)
389 $

The set consists of:

  • – UltraEst-M ultrasonic bath
  • – Transparent plastic cover
  • – Power cable




  • Power: 220V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Consumed power: 45 W
  • Frequency of ultrasonic generator: 38,5 ± 1,5 kHz
  • Timer: from 1 to 15 min
  • Volume of used working solution: 1,2 l
  • Volume of ultrasonic bath: 1,6 l
  • Device overall dimensions: 267 х 182 х 165 mm
  • Device  weight: no more than 2,9 kg


Basket for instruments. GE99.073.000
Basket for instruments. GE99.073.000

Ultrasonic bath basket “UltraEst-M”

Accessories set for “UltraEst-M” ultrasonic bath. GE99.163.000
Accessories set for “UltraEst-M” ultrasonic bath. GE99.163.000

Accessories set for “UltraEst-M” ultrasonic bath.

Set contents:   

– Transparent plastic cover with an opening for a cup – 1 pc
– Measuring glass cup  with a lock ring  (Volume 100 ml) – 1pc


1.The manufacturer guarantees the device successful operation according to the technical specification requirements, technical conditions 9451-008-56755207-2009 when the user follows all the regulations, service and storage conditions.

2. Warranty period of the device use is 12 months since the day of sale, but not more than 18 months since the day of manufacturing. Warranty shall not cover extra accessories, belonging to a device delivery set.

3. Devices, having mechanical defects or used improperly according to the user’s guide, invalidate the guarantee of repair.

4. The manufacturer or other authorized service department repair the device. The device delivery to service department for warranty or extended services is done at the expense of the device owner.

5. The device is accepted for warranty repair only involving the user’s guide with the stamp of the manufacturer and with the product selling mark. If the user’s guide is filled improperly, it can be a reason for warranty repair rejection.

 6. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes and supplements to the device construction not worsening its basic technical specification.

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